Aching legs

I broke my ankle three months ago. A few weeks later I was diagnosed with a DVT and put onto Clexane. I had a full hysterectomy 5 weeks ago... so my level of activity has been poor for the past few months. My doctor took me off my blood thinners a week ago. Since then my legs are just aching.-both of them, not just where the clot was or where the break is. I'm going in for another scan on Monday. Really don't know what I'm trying to ask. So over pain-legs, ankle and guts! The compression stocking really hurts my broken ankle, but without it my leg aches! Can't win. Has anyone experienced both legs aching even though the DVT was just found in one? the broken foot is still a different colour (purple) compared to the other. I'm worried l've been taken off my thinners too soon. Really unsure about what I should do... or if I need to do anything! Are my aching legs just due to the fact lm able to walk further now as my stomach and ankle heals and my leg muscles just haven't been used? Or is the aching and burning pain in both legs related to the DVT's?

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  • I am not sure about this but if it were me I would phone the doctors on call this weekend and ask them hope you feel better soon

  • I've had 3 blood clots now in my right thigh.

    The first two clots I was taking blood thinners for 5 months after the blood clots.

    After the clot I had last year I am now on anticoagulants for life.

    I wear flight sock not compression stockings

  • Hi. Tracy

    Was it a burning & cramping pain you got ? I've also got muscle twitches ? Still waiting for stockings the pain is horrible

    Thanks Emma x

  • All I can describe the pain was like a dull period belly ache and a heavy feeling.

    Took me 4 months to get stocking because I was left so long I got post thrombotic syndrome that was terrible.

    I just couldn't get comfy the pain was in my ankle because the blood was pooling at my ankle.

    I prefer flight socks to the stocking they made my leg worse.


  • Mines behind me knee does feel dull & achey but also a burning feeling, feels better with the pressure but the have told me not to wear the under knee ones I don't know why , tired with the pain did it go off in the end? My whole legs ache. It's been 8 weeks now just want to feel ok , thanks Tracy

    Emma x

  • Behind my knee was very painful too as my clot was knotted behind my knee.

    My clot happened Aug 13th last year and it took till April this year to feel better.

    Now it's getting colder I'm getting a lot more aches in my leg.


  • They have given me pregablin but I don't really want to take it , that's a long time to be in pain isn't it ?😞 Thanks Tracy x

  • I was given those tablets I took two at night as in the daytime they were too strong I felt like I was floating.

    Try taking the tablets at night. I just took paracetamol every 4 hours through the day.

  • Might try that then thank you , I've got young children so was scared of taking them , plus they said can cause convulsions ! Did they help? Think I will stick with paracetamol too , thanks for all your help x

  • There's no way you could take those pregablin through the day with little ones I felt totally drugged it was awful.

    I sleep with my leg up on a pillow just to ease it.

    They can't put a time on post thrombotic syndrome so I'm guessing I will always suffer with all these horrible feelings in my leg.


  • Hi @tracey13 that's a long time to heal I was diagnosed with a clot I'm thigh from knee to groin acute they said also I had a few in my calf thus was in June just gone and I still can't sit on a chair properly I'm on apixiban twice a day thanks carol

  • My third blood clot was from my groin all the way down to my knee.

    I'm the same I can't sit for long periods of time.

    We flew to krakow last week I was so scared after an hour of flying I had to get up and walk about.

    The back of my thigh really throbs but it's not constant like it was last year.

    I've got factor 5 leiden a blood clotting abnormality.

    I'm on rivoxaban anticoagulants for life now for risk versus benefitts.


  • Hi tracey13 that's were my pain is the back of my leg also struggle with trousers have to wear baggy ones can't get jeans on yet some people don't understand how bad it is im struggling myself as to how long I'll be like this also struggle with shoes your the 1st person I've spoken to on here I appreciate you help and advice thank you ☺

  • Your very welcome.

    It caused me to get anxiety I was scared of getting another clot with not being mobile. i was in a right state last year I'm quite a strong bubbly person, but it really knocked my self esteem in.

    I work in a school on a morning and the week before last I was on my feet all day laminating Omg I suffered for days I ended up at emergency care I thought I had another blood clot.

    I had an ultrasound and everything was clear also my bloods were fine. my gp said with my past history I should never hesitate and always get checked out. mind i satin hospital 4 hours to get results and see a doctor so you can imagine the pain my leg was in. I felt worse when I came out.

  • I can truly understand that I'm petrified now even though they've told me I can't get one while on apixiban I've not had my bloods done since June or had a scan with my fibromyalgia I don't walk far at all and exercise even less it's so frustrating thanks Tracey x Carol x

  • I'm on rivoxaban I was told it only minimize my risks of further clots and I can still get another clot while on rivoxaban.

    I just go with my gut feeling now.

    I talk myself out of things too much.

    I flew home last year from turkey with a blood clot.

  • In June when mine started everyone said oh it's your fibromyalgia you need to fight through the pain but I knew it was a new pain frightened the life out of me I was so scared I feel it in my leg and panic it's nice to speak to someone over it Carol

  • It's good to talk to people who have experienced the same as you.

    I couldn't even bare the quilt touching my leg at one point.


  • Hi Tracey hope you are feeling ok I'm shattered been asleep twice tonight that's the fibro though I've been really struggling with leg goes purple if I stand on it also since I've been diagnosed my heel has been numb I get cramp a bit and my muscle goes into spasm have you felt like that

    Carol xx

  • Oh forgot to answer you about the twitches yes I do still get them it feels like my blood is spluttering in my veins that's the way I describe the twitches it's horrible.


  • Yes that's it! Horrible! X

  • Hello

    I've also had pain & burning in both legs, they say it's post thrombotic syndrome &merve damage to me , did you find out? Xx

  • I couldn't bare for my foot to touch the cold floor the nerve damage was terrible.

    I was so worried my leg wouldn't heal.

    I know it's never going to be the same again as I've had 3 dvt in the same leg now.

  • Wow. They don't tell you how long it will take for the aches to go. Last scan showed there was only a one cm clot left so that was good news. Ankle and leg still ache and I hate the stocking but worse without it. Time.... hope things heal for you as well.

  • My ankle was in agony it's due to the blood pooling in the ankle and the circulation not pushing the blood back up the leg.

    My last two clots before this big one I had no bother as I was put in stockings immediately and hospitalised.

    This last clot I fought for 4 months didn't get any stocking therefore I developed post thrombotic syndrome. suppose there's no proof that not having the stockings caused this.

    I can totally sympathise with you all the dull ache and pain is terrible I couldn't sleep at night for the pain.

    Last night I had a rough night I just couldn't get comfy my leg was so uncomfortable the cold weather must be making it worse.


  • I'm still waiting for stockings hoping it will help the pain x