Hi, I have been told I'm to stay on warfarin, and my consultant wanted me to go for further investigations include echocardiogram, blood

Test and then breast clinic and ct scan of pelvic- I have been waiting for nearly a month now for the breast screen and ct scan (others have been done) so I phoned to see if I could go private and have these tests carried out as it has been quite worrying the departments said that these test had both been deferred as not needed!! I have spoken to my consultant who said its all down to money and the minimal radiation however NICE guidelines state these tests need to be done so he was in the process of sending the departments copy of the new guidelines to which they need to adhere too.... He told me not to worry and said cause of my age 41 and current health he is 99% sure all these tests would come back fine. Easier said than done not to worry when on the other hand their is a link of an unprovoked blood clot and cancer been detected in 1-2yrs after. Has this happened to anybody else???

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  • Sorry I wrote a reply, but managed to loose it, if they think you have cancer, I think you have to be seen in less than three weeks,

    Take a look at the Hughes Web site on here, re blood tests for sticky blood, causing problems with clotting.

    Hope you soon will be able to stop worrying

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