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Hi all I've posted a couple of times before and really could do with some advice. I'm 33 years old ( married with 2 kids). I had surgery in feb for moderate endometriosis and developed a dvt in my left thigh whilst in recovery. I am due to come off warfarin in August then will see a hematologist to make sure there is no clotting disorders etc. I was advised at my 6 week post op check to have a mirena coil fitted to help stop the endo growing back but also for contraception as I'm no longer allowed the combined pill. I went along to the family planning clinic who informed me I wasn't suitable for mirena due to the risk of bleeding so they gave me 3 months supply of the mini pill. So I went home to start taking it and read the information leaflet which states I'm big bold writing DO NOT TAKE IF YOU HAVE A DVT!!! Now I am at a total loss as what to do as I I'm petrified of something else going wrong. I feel that the health professionals are letting me down as I'm always getting conflicting advice! Any help would be much appreciated x

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  • More often than not the pharmacist will know more about the drugs that your GP has prescribed than your GP does. Also they are often available in the pharmacy for a quick chat. So no messin' about for ages getting an appointment to see the GP.

  • Also perhaps the mini pill is ok now because (perhaps?) the DVT you have had has been treated and you no longer have a DVT, - just a thought.

  • I can understand how frightened and confused you must feel. You say you have an appointment with the haematologist in August so my suggestion would be not to take the mini pill but to use other methods of contraception such as condoms until after your appointment. Write down in advance the list of questions you need answers to so that when you go to the appointment you don't feel rushed or stressed and forget a couple. Let us know how you get on.

  • I suggest you see your GP straightaway who will be able to advise you what you can and can't take.

    (Recently I contacted my local GP's surgery twice, they have moved to a system where you can see somebody the same day - on the the first occasion an appointment was made for me to see my GP in half an hour (!), and on the second occasion (to do with a bad reaction to a mosquito bite) an appointment was made for me to see the Practioner Nurse later that morning. So, no having to wait days to be seen, very good).

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