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Walking Back To Happiness ... by Michael Hawker / John Francis Schroeder ... sung by Helen Shapiro


Funny, but it's true

What loneliness can do

Since I've been away

I have loved you more each day

Walking back to happiness, woopah oh yeah yeah

Said goodbye to loneliness, woopah oh yeah yeah

I never knew I'd miss you

Now I know what I must do

Walking back to happiness

I shared with you (yay, yay, yay, yay ba dum be do)

My daughter came home for the Easter break from her Masters, just before the lock down and I got back into our daily walks, doing about four / five miles each day. Not much I know, but we have some lovely views around where I live and it really helped me get back into the routine.

When I was working I was doing around the four / four and a half mile each day which helps, but apart from varying which streets I walk down, and noticing different occurrences, the walk becomes meaningless.

I hope you all stay healthy during the lock down and stay fit both in mind and body. For me, now my daughter has returned, I listen to music once again. At least I am back in the habit. What do you do?

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You seem happy Johnny-one. You are walking distances again, listening to music, and finding more meaning in simple things. It’s so nice to read this! My elder daughter with whom I live is facing the side effects of hormone therapy post breast cancer treatment. I am happy I am with her and able to be of help to her. Her husband is a nice chap but emotionally blocked, and with the Coronavirus crisis now in India, is not sure he has a job next month.

I work with NGOs and am helping a disability rights NGO in fundraising by writing grant proposals for them. We are safe and better off compared to so many others who are struggling with illness or hardship or both, and that is a blessing. Keep well!

Your message made me smile, plus I love that song.

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