So Far to the polling station!

Today I decided to walk to the polling station, instead of driving there. According to the map it's only 0.8miles, so it should be quite easy, right? So wrong! I should have been warned by the fact that it's on the top of a hill, but ever optimistic (or just plain unrealistic!) I set out with my trusty sholley, light back brace in place. By the time I got there I felt that I was ready for A&E, never mind a cup of tea! Coming back was easier, being downhill, but it still took me all of a whole hour to do the round 1.6mile trip! Being positive, I didn't give in and call a taxi - but everything in this life needs to be paid for - we'll see in the morning, when I have to get out of bed just how much today's little sortie cost!

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Pacing and setting goals with arthritis:-


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