Hi all *waves*. I'm a member of another couple of groups here and know what a great support they are.

I joined the Couch to 5k group but on my first session two weeks ago, I seem to have damaged my Achilles, and am now hobbling around worse than ever - a stroll yesterday has sealed the deal and I can hardly put weight on the foot at all.

I'm 53, had a rare advanced cancer three years ago, and although I'm in remission and doing great, the treatment has left a legacy of pain and stiffness in hips and thighs. Seems to be affecting lower legs too. I think walking is probably better for me than jogging somehow!

If anyone has experience or advice of how to deal with the Achilles prob, I'd be grateful. It's a fortnight now so a bit late for ice etc!

Ta muchly x

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  • Oh no. Sorry, I have no advice for you except to see a doc to get advice on treatment. Hopefully it eases up soon. In the meantime, welcome to the walking forum.

  • Waving madly! No advice, sorry, except to say that walking is great exercise, whether or not you go back to the running.

  • Hi there

    Oh, I have no advice, so sorry, but I think you're doing ever so well considering what you've been through. Keep positive, as hard as it is, your health is so important and keeping mobile is a positive start. Good for you I say 👍😊 x

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