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Transferring one painkiller for another/cold turkey

I have just been changed from Zomorph to Longtec for severe pain resulting from an allergy to my artificial shoulder. Consultant didn't notice that I am allergic to tin and other cheap metals, anyway the changeover has been a nightmare causing me to go into cold turkey. Doctor is aware of what's happening but is only giving telephone support can anyone offer advice please as to how this withdrawal should be handled please?

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longtec is oxycontin what dose of zomorph were you on and what dose of longtec did dr prescribe i am on 240mg of long and shortec a day total which is equivalent to 480mg morphine (zomorph) its a 2/1 ratio half your morphine dose is oxycodone dose eg 20mg morphine=10mg oxycodone hope this helps :-/

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I am shocked he let you go cold turkey!!!! Why. It step down? It would take longer. But man! If someone just took my high does Opana away, I would loose it!!!! I have quit pain killers before. On and off for over 25 years. Never cold turkey unless it was a week of taking them! I have nothing to over other than empathy and prayers my friend. Sorry. Reach out anytime!



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