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please does anyone have any ideas

Hi everyone would just like to see if anyone xould help me out. I'm only 17 and since last March I've had excruciating hip pain. I play netball but never had any problems and last year while warming up I felt a very tight knot in side of one of my hips while warming up that eventually turned into a very sharp unbearable pain, even just moving my upper body would send terrible shooting pains through my hip. It spread to my other hip within a week and I visited doctors who just asked me to come back if it didn't go away. Eventually got so bad where I was on tears everyday that I got took to hospital ( before they wouldn't take me as it wasn't a fall or anything that caused it) and I got a xray which was clear. This was about a month after it first came on and I was mow getting terrible shooting pains up my spine. It gradually got a little better but then got worse and to this day I'm still in so much agony and doctors have no clue. Been for mri's and they are totally clear, been to physio who said I had bursitis but my hip doctor disagrees. No painkillers/anti-inflammotries help and im honestly losing all hope of ever feeling normal again. Had so much knee pain recently too and had groin pain for ages my latest hospital appointment I was offered injections but the other doctor has refused me them so I have just been told to wait and see for a few years if it goes away as I'm still growing and "this happens quite alot to girls between 14-18" had blood tests everything clear too. Please somebody help me out feeling so down everyday with this horrible pain cannot remember last pain free day I've had. Feel like no one understands what I'm going through close to me and feel so upset constantly. My vitamin d levels have been tested and they are at 28 and I am on supplements but my doctor isn't convinced this is what's causing my pain. Been waiting on a rheumatologist appointment since July and it's getting so hard, every day my full legs are in pain somehow and my hips.

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Oh no, @erincath! This is horrible for you! Does anyone go with you when you go to the GP? Are you in the UK? I recently contacted my local councillor about a health issue and he says he will contact my GP, on my behalf, once I send him an email with the full details. It might be worth a try; she or he can kind of be your temporary advocate, perhaps? I hope you get to the bottom of it. Vit D deficiency can cause 'bone pain' fatigue, low mood/depression, as can B12 deficiency. All the best; I'm thinking of you and rooting for you ;)


Maybe go back to the same doctor or be selective of who you go to. Always go twice. Choose a time of day they are fresh and receptive . Be extra nice to receptionists as they are the gatekeepers. Ask people who have problems who their doctor is. Take all your medications and explain how much effect they have individually or just throw the bag on the table stating their uselessness. Ask sweetly and firmly for a solution.Take hourly pain charts and present! Probably just the once. Doctors can shorten waiting periods to a specialist if it is urgent.

Maybe do Facebook support groups for what you think it might be. I know ten year ago I went to work when I should have stayed at home. I had a few episodes . They were characterised by exhaustion from doing nothing and lack of coordination . An unsympathetic doctor didn't help( a locum). All she seemed to be focused on was whether I was diabetic. I have not had those episodes again. I know you need a doctor who you can communicate with and is prepared to investigate. Hang in there and good luck❤️💙💛💜💚