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I have Diffuuse Idiopathic skeletal Hyperostosis (DISH)

I was diagnosed with the above condition last year, after suffering with really bad back pain and stiffness. Well since then had to reduce my working hours from 37 hour to 27 hours, and now even that is begining to be hard to cope with. When I get hope my body is like of a 80 year old and so so tired physically and mentally. Begining to have flare up days more often, which makes me physically unable to move at all and the pain I cant even describe how painful it is. Mediation im taking is Omeprazole, naprozen, , Dihydrocodine, ,tramadol, 500mg paracetamol, Gabapentin, Amitriptyline, and also high blood pressure tablets Ramipril and Amlodipine. And the tablets dont even touch the sides of the pain.

At present pain clinic I have an appointment in end of June to see two consultants, but feel im waiting for ages for these appointments, im beside myself and cant cope anymore. My GP is of no help, and my husband wants me to stop working. But in my eyes how can I; its not a option financially. Please help.......what do I do?????? I cant cope with this anymore!!!!!!!!!

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I'm Sarah, really sorry to hear about your pain. I've suffered excruciating back pain for 31 years due to a minor accident. I don't have any idea about your condition but could I suggest a tens machine? May sound simple but they are amazing once you get used to it. Also hot packs (especially upon waking) and ask your gp for morphine. Atleast with morphine you can alter the amount you need yourself as they start you off with oramorph, which is liquid. They tell you to take 5ml every 4-5 hours but once you've built up a tolerance you can basically take it as and when you need.

Hope this helps

Sarah xx

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