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Acute pain in my hip bone to my toes. Vit D and Calcium deficiency

I'm 26 years old female.

Back in 2012 I got a benign tumor surgery of an overgrown bone under my left leg's knee. Got it removed. Reports were all clear but I still had a Calcium and Vit D deficiency. I didn't do anything for these deficiencies though.

Now in 2015 pain in joints wrists, knees and shoulders have increased. Left hip bone till my toes get this feeling as if they are burning. I can not sleep, get tired, lethargic, restless and I feel so weak.

Doctor told me get my blood and urine tests done. Whose result are these

Haemoglobin 13.1 g/dl , Haematocrit 40.4% , R.B.C. 4.71x10E12/L , M.C.V. 85.8 fL , M.C.H. 27.8pg , M.C.H.C 32.4 g/dL , W.b.C. 9.7 x10E9/L , Neutrophils 64.9 % , Lymphocytes 27.5% , Eosinophils 0.9% , Monocytes 6.5% , Basophilss 0.2% , Platelets 315 x10E9/L , ESR (Westergren) 29 mm/1st hr , R.A Factor Quantitative <7.0 IU/mL , Urine Physical Color Yellow, Appearance Clear, Urince Chemical SP Gravity 1.025 , pH 5 , Protein Negative , Glucose negative , Ketone Negative , Urobilinogen 3.2 umol/L , Bilirubin Negative , Hemoglobin Negative , Nitrite Negative , Leucocytes Esterase Negative , Urine Microscopy Red Blood Cells Nil/HPF , Leucocytes Occasional /HPH , Epithelial Cell 1 /HPF , Non Squamous Epi Cell Nil , Bacteria Few ,

Yeast Nil , CastNil , Crystals Nil

Please tell if anyone can help me in understanding these reports.

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Your GP should be interpreting these results for you I think. If there was anything of concern though I'm sure it would have been mentioned and a course of treatment , if appropriate, suggested.

Go back and ask for the results explained in layman's terms.


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