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bursitis pain


Hi I am looking for anyone with bad bursitis, I have it in my left hip and starting in my right, I have had so many cortizone shots, the doctors said I should not get anymore. But it gets so bad I can hardly walk. Trying to get the bursa taken out of the leg, has anyone had this done? I have a hip implant also which makes it worse. Please help?


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You seem to be further in your bursis journey than me. I have it in both hips. Just had the first steroid injection on Thursday in the worst hip so don't know yet whether it will be effective. My chiropractor works each week to massage the area. It does help a bit. I ice the area several times a day when it's bad.

I shall await with interest any accounts of having it removed but surgery woukd be the last thing on my mind at the moment.


cindy1957 in reply to deejames

Hi Dee

Thanks for responding, I have never had my chiropractor massage the area he just works on my back/hips joints. Does a massage help? I ice all the time, every day at work and at home. I do get tired of icing, heat makes it worse. Do you take anything for the pain?

I have trochantic bursitis I my left leg but haven't had any treatment I wonder why I haven't been offered any treatment apart from straight leg rises 😕

Thanks for responding, my has been really bad and I do leg rises every morning with other exercises.

Like with your wrist? Do injections work xx

No, mine is in my hip, I had carpel tunnel in my wrist and ended up having surgery.

Carpal tunnel my mum and brother both have had ops for this and didn't offer much pain relief. I have it myself but not diagnosed my mum goes through periods where she couldn't unlock her hand it ls terrible . It was thinking it must be hereditary we all suffer from tendon back pain ect I hope your feeling as good as possible xxx


Hi Cindy1957.

I have had bursitis for a long time. Have had quite a few injections but non gave relief for more than a couple of weeks. I have nerve damage & probably some tendon damage. My orthopaedic surgeon has decided to operate as it has gone on for on for so long without ever going,more than 6 years. I have been on lots of different medication over the years but decided to come off them all last year as I hated the side effects.

Also had a chiropractor for 6 months. Went once a week & it did seem to help but only temporarily & the cost was £40 each visit so stopped as I think it would have taken years for it to work permanently. I would have carried on if I could have afforded it as this worked better than anything else but not available on NHS. Went for physio but that was just rubbish!! Gave me a sheet with exercises on,I go swimming 3 times a week so needed more than that. I am a fit healthy 55 year old female,well apart from my chronic pain!!

I do have faith in my surgeon,he is the top guy in my area. But my operation has been delayed now,was supposed to be this month but now sometime in May.

The longer I have to wait the more I keep changing my mind about the operation as the success rate is pretty low,60/40. But after another 3 weeks off work & a flare up of sciatica I am going through with it.

Will keep you informed of progress. It is so hard to live with chronic pain like this when it is invisible to other people. I get so down with it,thank goodness for my amazing husband & family.

Am keeping my fingers crossed & will try & get back to you once I have had it done to let you know if it works & the outcome of my operation.

cindy1957 in reply to Hidden

Hi Thanks so much for your response It helps when someone else has this problem. I went to another Orthopedic doctor and had to have a MRI to see if a tendon or something else is torn. Go back this Tuesday to find out the results and what he will recommend. It is hard to live with chronic pain and my sisters sometimes think I don't do enough exercise, I walk, work on machines at the therapy at the hospital. But some things are harder to do. I had worked three jobs and raising Grandchildren. But down to one job and part-time at a flower shop. Been for 30 years and 35 years for the Government. Yes, let me know how everything goes for you. Thanks and God bless you.

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Hi, the trouble with bursitis is they say to rest it,as opposed to exercise with other back problems so what can you do. There are certain exercises you can do for bursitis but I have done those every day for a long time & still have it. It's just unfortunate for a few people that it stays & never goes away. Good look with the MRI scan. Hopefully you may have some more success with the new Dr Would you have the operation if they offered it to you?

My sister is not very understanding either. She is a real gym fanatic & never gets ill it's very frustrating but last time I stayed with her she could actually see how much pain I was in so was a bit better. Hope you have other support around you. Take care

cindy1957 in reply to Hidden

Hi, thanks so much for replying back, yes sometimes my sisters don't see me in the pain but my husband and children have. I hate it when doctors think it is all in your head. I know pain when I have it, I worked for years three jobs to raise my children, got remarried and worked to put my husband through college, he worked part-time and had another child, then raised my Grandson also. Now I have two living with me yet. I have always worked hard but now it is hard to keep up with everything because of the pain. Don't go dancing like I love to do because I am in so much pain, just to get through work and take care of the house is enough. Love my Grandchildren, have two under 6 years yet and they love to play, go to the park and out in the snow. I try to keep up. Well enough about me. Good luck and keep in touch.


Hi Cindy. Well I am 4 weeks post op now so thought I would let you know how I am getting on. Operation went to plan. I did not have any tendon damage but it was very tight so he stretched that & removed the bursa.

I was off my crutches after a week & am slowly getting back to normal. I can say that the bursa pain seems to have gone. I still have quite a lot of pain but think that's still from the op. I notice at night that the pain is just not there anymore.

Hopefully over the next 4 weeks I will continue to improve. I am going swimming today for the first time so will see how that goes. It does feel really tight so need to exercise to loosen it.

My scar is around 6 inch long & I am applying Bio oil twice a day to help it fade & also it desensitisatises it,my surgeon suggested this.

Am quite optimistic about the future without the bursitis. Still have back pain from my other condition so going to concentrate on that once I have fully recovered.

Hope things are going well with you. I am glad I had it done now as it does seem to have worked fingers crossed.

Take care


cindy1957 in reply to Hidden

That is wonderful glad your doing well, my bursa is still so bad, keep me informed in a few more months to see how your still doing. Thanks again Cindy

cindy1957 in reply to Hidden

Thank you Lorraine for replying, I have had real bad bursitis pain again, just wish I could find a doctor that would take It out, but now my sciatica is acting up also. Just cannot win, still need to work cannot afford to retire. Guess I would just sit at home and be depressed anyway. Take care and keep in touch let me know at about 6 months how your still doing. God bless you always.

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