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Excruciating Pain

I was diagnosed with Trochanteric Bursitis a while ago, I've had 2 steroid injections already this year, and even though they do dull the pain, they don't seem to last for very long.

The pain has increased to a whole new level today (last night) so much so that I have not slept at all again so far. Is there anything else I could be doing, apart from resting my leg, taking pain killers, use of water bottle etc etc?

This on top of everything else, is making my life a misery..

P.s. I am unable to take Ibuprofen due to Hiatus Hernia..

Any suggestions, ideas, would be gratefully received..

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Hi Chelle1,

Sorry you are having such a bad bout of it, I know when I had a blast of bursitis it was hell! You have to lie very still with legs stretched out, slightly apart (pillow between knees). For heat I preferred the microwave heat packs as they wrap around the hip to get the warmth directly around the joint. Other than that, I'm afraid that it is the good old favourite of CoCodamol and Cognac!!!!!!!! Take care and I hope it feels better soon. Regards Faymoss.

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I had this on my right hip and also had a large piece of calcification in the same joint. I went through all the injections, one of them done under scanner in theatre. this went on for 3 years. on the 7th august this year I had my bursa and the calcification removed under anaesthetic. early days yet, but fingers crossed. good luck on sorting yours out x

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