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Feeling really down and fed up fighting with dla allowance !!!

I am so down at the min

I have suffered back pain from I got an epidural giving birth to my son 22 yrs ago ,then 6 yrs ago I collapsed to the floor and when I got a scan I was told I had prolapsed disc and sciatica, down my left side of my calf and one side of my foot is 100% numb I am in constant chronic pain . im afraid to chough because my disc comes out that easy , doctors argue with me that its impossible for that to happen but when it does I need to get an ambulance and get 2 tanks of gas and air before they can move me. When I get to hospital they wont scan me again because they already no with my history what the problem is,

I also have fibromalogy , depression , anxiety , asthma , and am currently being treated and tested for bipolar , I got turned down for dla I asked them to look at it again and they gave me low rate care £20.60 a week . this happened the last time I applied also I got £20.60 a week , I just don't understand that people that drink and take drugs get high rates and what does that do feed their habits and people like myself am in constant pain get what they awarded me , its all wrong

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It's bad enough fighting a illness together with getting the right benfits it's a massive battle to fight the system I'm owned a lot of money from DWP can't see me ever getting it unless I take them to court I can't face it at all the benfits in this country is a massive black hole this gov just make it worse for people trying just to live day after day it really makes me very angry and upset the way British people are treated just for being sick and disabled


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