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Knee Pain

Since I was about 10 I have had terrible knee pains in both knees because of this I have never been able to take part in big sports like footbal and had to quit rugby after about 3 weeks as it was making my knees unbearable to live with. This died down for a while meaning I only sometimes had to take paracetamol. Over this last week I have been in unbearable pain again my doctor prescribed me co-codamol 8/500 to take 2 four times a day these have not worked at all so I was prescribed codeine at the dose of 2x15mg tablets 4 times alongside paracetamol but this is just making me feel drowsy and sick and I'm quite worried as it is affecting my work life as I am finding it hard to do anything because of this side effect can anyone suggest anything to ease these side affects or anything I could discuss with my doctor that wouldnt wear me out like this?

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i have had pain too that was not contrololable with pain medication. The codeine prespectiption made me feel like a zombie without even helping. some prescription naproxen made me loose my balance: i quit it all. I just started acupuncture and after 1 session i could see a huge change. regular tylenol now is sufficient to control the pain more or less. yesterday I had no pain at all. IT s worth a try...

a 3000 year old medicine can't be that wrong...


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