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Why not share your story?

One of the best ways for people with certain conditions to connect with each other it to share your story - the experience you've been through with your condition. That's what this blog section is for. There are 50 members in this community so far... let's make it a vibrant place where more people will want to join, ask questions, and provide support!

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When I was in my early thirties I suffered from Rhinitis which led to polyps in my sinuses. Eventually I had surgery (Polypectomy?) to remove them. After that I had no sense of smell. It was so definite I couldn't even detect if a can had petrol or paraffin in it! This carried on until I went for my AN op at the age of 50. When my wife was driven up to Oxford from Cornwall to collect me from hospital we had a spare evening before the return journey and decided to try my first forray outside. In hospital I felt my balance was ok but as soon as my feet hit the payment I realised this was not so. Then I realised I could smell the traffic fumes, something I'd missed for 20 years. Seems my AN op brought back my sense of smell which continues 25 years later. How weird is that? Keith


Thanks for sharing your story Keith! It would be great for the rest of the community to see it - maybe you can post your own blog? Just go to the "Home" page and click "Write a blog post" then you can paste there just what you said here.

Just a suggestion :)

My best,



Thanks Lora - I have done a blog but not about this, about my 25th anniversary of my op. K


Ah yes, I see! Thanks for sharing your story.


Hi I don't know if this is the right place to post I had my AN diagnosed in September 2009 and had it removed in the November 2009 it was 5cm and pressing I had a lot of problems I didn't know if i should put all the details of it down or not


Hi Millommite - If you feel like sharing the details we would be pleased to hear them. The best thing to do is click on "Create a post" at the top, then share away. You can share as much or as little as you feel comfortable. Sometimes just writing it down helps to lessen the load.


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