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Does anyone else have a dent behind their ear post op?

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I have a scar behind my ear after surgery with a dent that keeps changing (getting deeper). When this happens I get a strange taste in my mouth. Has anyone else had similar or the same experience?

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Yes, I have a dent behind my ear. And I think it's slowly getting deeper. Taste is an issue (sometimes).

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maria23 in reply to dgrinev

Hi, thanks so much for replying. Just knowing it's not just me has helped! When did you have your surgery? Mine was 7 months ago.

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dgrinev in reply to maria23

26/03/2012. I'm glad to hear that it has helped. In my case I had a couple of post-op complications and my guess is that the 'dent' depth change might be related to the one of them.

Yes, I too have a dent behind my ear, which has appeared to get deeper over time as things settle. I have a strange taste all the time, mostly salty. When did you have your surgery?

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maria23 in reply to AmSally

Hi, thanks so much for replying to my question. My surgery was 7 months ago. I've noticed my dent has got deeper significantly 3 times and each time it kind of sets me back a bit. I start to feel almost normal and then the dent deepens and the old weird metally taste returns and I feel the fear that I felt at the very beginning. It is comforting to know that I am not the only one. I was not warned that this would happen! When was your surgery?

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AmSally in reply to maria23

You are very welcome. My surgery was June 2011, so 16 months ago now. I think the dent is to do with the incision to the skull during surgery and I found it a positive thing, as I only noticed changes to it as other surrounding swelling receded. Like you, no-one warned me about this. Hopefully this will reassure you back to your feelings of normal.

I too get a deeper dent at times but never noticed a taste difference,I was told the dent appears bigger and smaller at times due to sleepin/lying on it.Hope this helps I'm nearly 8 years post surgery and still notice it.

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maria23 in reply to ally24

Hi, thanks for replying. That is very interesting re sleeping and lying on the area. I hope over time I can relax a bit more about it!

Hi there, I have been noticing that my scar and dent is getting much deeper and more pronounced too, so it reassuring to read this seems 'normal'. I suppose as the bone is knitting together. I have been massaging Bio Oil in which has helped ( and the scar in the middle of my forehead which seems to be getting better)It felt very 'tight' before I did this. I am about 8 months post op. The cold weather is n't great either, I am getting alot of ache type pains.

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maria23 in reply to cheshiremum

Hi, it would appear to be a normal occurance after brain surgery! My scar also aches in the cold weather and the whole area feels "different". It seems to depend on what I am doing at the time. When I'm brushing my teeth for example, the area feels tight and pulling. I suppose it's to be expected but it would have helped to have a bit of warning what to expect.

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dgrinev in reply to maria23

I have also noticed the weather-related changes in my sensations in the scar area. It des feel 'different'.

Hi I use Ibuleve and voltural pain eaze gel on the wound area and that takes away the aches. x

Hi Im 8 yrs post op and have always had quite a deep dent behind my ear! However I cant say that I have noticed any strange tastes in my mouth! I did before I had the surgery........that was a kind of metallic taste! Looking at all your other replies it look like this is quite common! Ive always assumed it was normal to be honest!

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keithzx12r in reply to Linzipops

I've still got a dent 25 years on, haven't had the taste problem thankfully. I find lying on my left ear (the operation side) causes discomfort in my ear like mild earache so I start off going to sleep on my right side but if I wake up on my left side I feel the discomfort.

I am 17 yrs. post Op and in answer to the dent changing, they didn't replace my bone where the surgery took place, so I only have muscle covering the incision but don't really notice the dent getting deeper. Sometimes its stiff though.Hope this helps..

I am post op 2.5 years..My surgeon dismissed I even had a have most others..Mine has a dull pain most of the day..a rise in blood pressure seems to make it worse..I take lorazepam and muscle relaxers that ironically came from my phyciatrist so did high blood pressure meds..nerve block shots did not work. I cannot get any relief...also get stabbing pain migraines in several areas around surgical sight...something the surgeon also denied having anything to do with surgery. Anyone have this or know relief..can not go the rest of my life with it

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day52 in reply to Lissarust40

Hi Iam 11 years post op left side neuroma... I occassionally get stabbing pain on the side of op....also get tingling down left hand side of my deafness in left ear as was expected but I feel all of this is a small price to pay to have the neuroma gone


I am 4 years post op, and the dent behind my ear often aches/hurts especially if I have a cold or other type of virus or if I get overtired. I also find it comforting to know that others are getting the weird salty/metallic taste since this freaked me out a bit initially.

Thanks for all the responses - I have found it really useful reading them since I am the only person I know who has had this op, so difficult to compare notes otherwise!

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Jmerlin in reply to Jmerlin

I am 5 years post op and still have the dent and weird taste in my mouth. I see both as the new normal! Good to hear others experience similar. Good luck to all

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