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Operation expectations

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Hello, I’m awaiting a date for surgery. I’m just trying to prepare myself mentally. How long was your surgery? How long was you in hospital for after. I have read up a little and it says you will be intensive care for two days after?

I have a pre op next month on the phone and Incase things start moving quickly I want to be prepared.

Just concerned as my husband won’t be able to be in hospital with me.

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My op was in 1987, proper hammer and chisel job because I had three AN's and took 9 hours. I am sure techniques have improved over the last 30 years. I was in ICU for 48 hours. All in all I was in hospital for three weeks. I hope your husbands op is more straightforward and wish you both the best if luck. Keith

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I had my operation 4 years ago I was told 3 days in ICU and up to 10days in hospital my operation would last between 9 -10 hours .But all went ok i was in ICU for one night then moved back onto ward where i stayed for 5 nights then home

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Why do you have to be in ICU do they have you on a ventilator? All sounds very scary.

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No wasnt on a ventilator think it was just precaution or they had no beds on ward...I went down for my operation about 8 woke up at bout 7 that night

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That’s good to know thank you, glad it all went well.

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Thank you that’s helpful to know. I thought it would be only a couple of hours for some reason. I’m just worried if it does ahead soon I will be in on my own because of Covid but I guess I will be so out of it after it won’t matter.

It varies greatly by Doctors choices and the position, size of the AN. my op lasted 12 hours but was a very long time ago and things improve all the time. All I can say is we are all still here to tell the tale.good luck xx

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Thank you, I stupidly read a little too much into and got myself scared.

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As we all did, take good care x

I had my acoustic neuroma removed on Wednesday, 27 May 2020. I was in ICU for one night and then moved to another room for one night and then was released to go home. My surgery lasted 11 hours, 8:30 AM in the morning till 7:30 PM at night my Acoustic neuroma was about 2 cm square in size they removed about 95 to 98%. The other part was real sticky to the facial nerve and so they had ended up leaving it so that my facial nerve would not be affected. The doctors said my recovery was remarkable, I was told my surgery was going to last somewhere between 5 and 8 hours and I would be in ICU 2 nights and 2 nights in a regular room. My balance has been good, no dizziness after surgery and I was able to walk Just 12 hours after surgery ended. I lost all hearing in my right ear, they cut the balance nerve, so now my left balance nerve controls my balance. I am currently in physical therapy for balance, have trouble with uneven surfaces when my eyes are closed. My recommendation is to walk at least 10,000 steps a day until surgery and then work your way back up to 10,000 after surgery. I finally made it back to 10,000 steps 3 weeks after surgery. Other questions, just ask away. One last thing, my head pain was excruciating the first 6 hours after surgery then quickly went down a 5 or 6 on pain scale; I am still taking Motrin twice a day for headache pain from about a 1 to a 3 on the pain scale. Hope your surgery can occur soon.

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That is incredible, I think it is only just sinking in the magnitude of the situation and how big the operation will be.

I don’t suffer with headaches all the time at present just on/off .

If you was offered surgery now would you take it with Covid around or would you postpone? I’m worried if I turn it down I will be waiting a long time and it will get worse.

I know the consult said mine is warped round the facial nerve so I would be happy with 95/98% out.

Can you still drive?

Sorry for the million questions

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My acoustic neuroma started with not being able to hear very well out of my right ear, I could tell I was losing hearing. So I went to the audiologist but not until August and this started probably February/March 2019. The next thing they sent me for was a head MRI which I had in September of last year and then they wanted to wait six months to see if there was any change. I had the second MRI scheduled for 20 March but because Of COVID-19 it was pushed to 20 April, then I had appointments, video appointments with the ENT doctor and the neurosurgeon and I told them I wanted to have it removed so they said they would work it into the schedule as quickly as they could. I didn’t experience any headaches before the acoustic neuroma was operated on. If I was offered the opportunity to have the surgery now while COVID-19 is around I would elect to have the surgery, I did there was no problems at all at least in the hospital I was in they checked everybody coming in not for Covid but temperature and all the other things. The one plus was I was able to have one visitor in my room so my wife could come see me and that started on the Monday of the week I had the surgery. I am happy with the 95 to 98%. I am going to have another MRI this coming Tuesday to check the after affects of surgery. I am unable to drive yet but hope to have that approval this Friday when I meet with the ENT doctor.

Mine was 13hrs under aesthetic, then 12hrs in icu recovery, followed by 2 months in hospital

Good to hear you are going pre op.what hospital will you be going to.my op was cancelled on 12 march and l have been told they have no idea when they will be starting again.best of luck .

I had my in June 2020. During lockdown. I arrived that morning, had a 9 hour operation to remove my 40mm AN and went home 5 days layer, no intensive care stay. I cant fault the staff they were amazing, and even under all the pressure of covid they did everything they could for me. Don't worry its hard but they know what there doing x

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