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Result after cyber knife treatment

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In September 2017 I have had my cyber knife done in April 2019 I've been told that my accustic neuroma shrank by 2mm which is so good news for me and my family.

Doctor said that accustic neuroma can keep shrinking for some many months after treatment so will see in next result in November time :)

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Excellent news! It may keep shrinking for quite a few years. Mine shrank to 1/4 of its original volume in about 5 years and has remained that size for another15+ years. However, even if it shrinks no more it soundsl like it should be dead!

Hi I had operation to debulk mine in 2016 at the time it was 28mm after op it now measures 10mm

Thats good to hear. Well done

Nice one.xx

Great news AB FAB JX X

Great news, I had GK in july 2018 and had a MRI scan in February, I was told it was stable and to come back next Feb 2020

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weny in reply to dcfcram

What hospital are you going to for your MRI scan I am going to Cambridge Addenbrookes next year February 2020 for my MRI scan

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dcfcram in reply to weny

QMC at Nottingham

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