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I'm just wondering

I've posted before about having three neuromas removed from my left skull in 1987. One thing has always puzzled me. In the mid 1950's I was working in the letterpress printing trade which used lead type. I was trained to work a Monotype Caster to produce columns of type to be used by the firms compositors. The machine produce extremely loud mechanical clatter and was in a separate sound proofed room. You switched the machine on and off with your left hip keeping your hands free to manage the type being produced so my left ear was always facing the noise source. The noise was so harsh anyone coming into the room had to more or less lip read the conversation. Actually when I was working late one evening my new wife Fran called in to see me and almost passed out with the noise and heat. Obviously nowadays you would wear a set of earphones to cut the noise down but not then. So I have always wondered if that scenario led to the formation of my AN's - who knows?

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