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29 years and counting

Hi everybody. As the title says I had 3 neuromas removed 29 years ago. Initially the after effects were severe but year by year they diminished. The last couple of years I can hear my pulse in my one good ear but over the last month it turned into a loud tick and then two days ago it stopped. I pestered my GP for an MRI about 4 years back and they found nothing to worry about. My balance seems to be going off but that could be because I'm 80 now. Obviously 29 years ago the only option was the knife (not gamma knife) and today better treatments are available - good luck to all who post on here with their future treatments.

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Well done . This should give some reassurace to those newly diagnosed who like us all think the worse . As you say there are better treatments and these will continue to improve. My story is that I have been discharged from Guys care recently as there has been no growth after 5 years and was reassured that the Neuroma wouldnt grow to a size that would require treatment in my lifetime . Other than tinnitus I'm fine .


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