Acoustic neuroma post operation complications: Leakage of cerebral fluid

Hi, has any of you experienced continued leakage of CSF after your operation and if so has any of you had to have a cerebral shunt? I would very much appreciate if you could share with me. My husband had his AN operation 2 weeks ago and has been struggling with CSF leakage from wound. He has had a lumbar drain for four days, a 36 hours break from drain and now lumbar drain has been switched on again. Doctors are discussing a cerebral shunt. I have tried to find information about same, all very bleak, but none referring to AN and mostly referring to children. Please let me know good and bad. Thank you on advance!

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  • I know quite a few folk who have had CSF leaks, one had many but I am sure none had a shunt that I remember but they are all sorted sooner or later and are ok now

  • Thank you very much Kristyll, aparantly a small perecntage of AN patients develop water in the head. This is when a shunt is placed in the brain. Luckily today the doctors have gone away from that theory for my husband, if you don't mind me asking, how did the leaking get sorted?

  • a couple ceased themselves if only slight, some others had an op to seal the leak unfortunately. But all is good now

  • Quite a few BANA patients have had shunts fitted to deal with CSF leaks. I believe that if other methods don't work, shunts are then fitted and although some people who had them fitted years ago may have suffered with blockages, these days the shunts are more sophisticated and I don't believe people suffer any ill-effects from having a shunt. From my experience of speaking to AN patients your husband shouldn't stress too much about having to have a shunt. I am sure it will all be explained in details should the need arise. Good luck x

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