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Diagnosed with Vestibular Schwannoma

I received a letter to inform me that I have Vestibular Schwannoma, not what I was expecting, but I knew something wasn't right.

I had, at work, noticed a big drop in the hearing on my right side. As part of our on-going medicals we used to have regular Audio-grammes (these have since been dropped due to austerity measures...) so I asked for a new one to be done as I thought that something was wrong. Over a 9 year period my left ear had changed none, my right ear hadn't changed until this time, a very sudden drop in hearing.

I went to see my doctor who referred me to a consultant, who requested an MRI. In the middle of all this the tinnitus started and has been getting worse.

Last Monday the letter from the consultant arrived diagnosing 'Vestibular Schwannoma' 21mm x 18mm

Still trying to take it all in, no idea when I'll get a follow up appointment.

I've been looking it up on the internet, maybe not the best idea.....

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A poor way to tell you! I was diagnosed some 16 years ago and it was like a hammer blow. Luckily the treatment and outcome I received (eventually) was good. I suggest you read all of especially the treatment options pages. The issue you will have when you see a specialist is that most are surgeons who will naturally tell you that surgery is the only option. This simply is wrong. Should you see one who is a radio-surgeon, I suspect that equally he will not be keen to talk about surgery. You need to find out about all options before deciding for yourself which to choose. I choose "FSR" - to find out about that and to read my story see - Good luck, Chris


I am sorry you were told in such an off-hand way. The most important thing is not to panic as it is, in almost all cases, benign and is very treatable. I would assume you are being referred to a specialist and would suggest you make a list of questions to ask at your consultation. I would also suggest you take someone with you to the appointment as no doubt you will be unable to take everything in. There is basic, unbiased, AN information on the BANA website ( and if you join the association you will find a lot of support on the forum in the members' section of the website and we can also put you in touch with a volunteer from our Support Register.

Be assured you are not alone and there are several treatment options, if your AN needs treating.

Good luck and do let us know how you get on.


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