#askNHS about sleeping well

Does anxiety affect your sleep? On Thurs 25th April at 1pm #askNHS are having a live video hangout with nurse Kathleen McGrath from The Sleep Council, and Professor Colin Espie and Dr Simon Kyle from Sleepio.

If you'd like some tips or advice on how to sleep better send us your questions now via twitter to @askNHS or post them in the comments here, and we'll put them to our experts on the day.

Don't forget to watch on NHS Choices G+ profile:


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  • How do you cope with trying to fall asleep when you have constant tinnitus? I try listening to music but its not a fool-proof plan. Any tips please?

  • Hi LittleMissBennet this page on NHS Choices may be helpful:


    In the video the expert suggests a number of things that may help, including CBT and either an environmental sound generator, making the sound of the rain

    or the ocean, or small devices that produce white noise.

    You can watch the video hangout with tips on sleeping well in general here:


    In the next few days we'll try and get back to you with some more specific advice from one of the sleep experts.

  • Hi LittleMissBennet, Clinical Nurse Therapist Ann McCreath has now got back to us. She says:

    Perhaps try listening to relaxation tracks when in bed. This may help both audio and thinking wise. At llttf.com there is a free relaxation file called Anxiety control training (ACT). It lasts no more than 5mins, and many people have found it useful for a manner of things. Why not give it a go? Best f Luck!

  • Hi LittleMissBennet, thanks very much for your question - we'll ask the experts during the hangout next Thursday.

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