Depression and GP

Hi new member here!

Basically I tried to ring NHS Direct for about 2 days and each time they have been busy so I thought I would try gather info through here.

About 3 years ago, I had to struggle through a battle with depression only aged 13. It took me a while but eventually I was given counselling,pills,support and more counselling! I had very supportive parents (Despite me being aggressive,violent and much worse) and they helped me get all I needed to get better.

Now looking back, I thank god for such help.

My current boyfriend unfortunately is not so lucky. He deals with anger issues and shows signs of depression and unluckily for him, his mother is not so caring. She is very self obsessed although lovely to me always.

T as i will name him, went through councelling through his GP with his mum.

His mum taunted him about it and sat through all the sessions. now he is in fear of going through it due to ridicule.

He is sixteen now, will his parents be alerted if he goes to the GP?

Will he be able to get medicine if required without consent or knowledge of his parents?

Is there any support he can get?

much thanks


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  • Hi,

    I am not completely sure but belive that talking to a GP is confidential but do knw that you can ask thm first before you say anything. As professionals they wont say it ill be confidential unless it defiitely is. I really hope that he is able to get the right support medically atleast, but know that he is really blessed already by the help and support from you.


  • I believe you are both old enough to choose and register with your own doctors.

    You don't need to go to the practice your parents use. I am pretty certain your doctor has a duty to keep your details confidential. They are able to give under-age contraception without informing parents.

    Google a query about drs. in your area and choose one and ring them and ask for a registration form.

    As you mum has been such good support for you I feel you should stay under her guidance but help your young man to find his own GP.or register with yours as he has been helpful to you.

    I admire the support you are giving your young man and I wish you both well.

    P.S Keep ringing NHS Direct they are very good, and I am surprised you have had diddiculty getting through. Check the phone number.

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