The Black Dog

Hi everybody, I am Caz, and am new to this site, well 'The Black Dog' is how Winston Churchill referred to his periods of depression, and look what he did for his country, quite an example! Obivously we can't all be the same. I have had quite severe depression many times over the course of my life, and I hope we can all help each other here, best wishes, Caz

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  • Well, here I am and I meant to put this blog on journeys, never mind I will try harder! I would like to say how brilliant Health unlocked is and I am so grateful that it is available thank you heath unlocked, Caz

  • Hi Caz, thanks for your comment. Journeys Health Unlocked blog is very new for us so please help spread the message for us.

  • I assumed journeys was new, so this is my first blog, as I believe this site can really help so many people. good luck, speak soon Caz

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