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Venlafaxine withdrawal???


Has anyone been on Venlafaxine for a long time and trying to get off them

I've been on them for almost 18 years and I've just decided with the help from my doctor to slowly either reduce them down to 37.5mg or off them completely and since reducing them I've had bone and nerve pain in one leg in my groin area and in my knee all in my right leg has anyone else had this before with Venlafaxine

Thanks nat

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Hi Nat, how is life with you? How many mg were you on when you first started reducing your Venlafaxine? Stick with it Nat - have you thought about checking your symptoms with your local pharmacist? It's a difficult one, but do let us know how you get on. You take good care and I wish you well

Love Lottie xx (Izzie sends kisses too x)

PS : I may come up as admin, could you change this for me please, thanks.

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Hi Hidden

You have come up as volunteer? Do you still want me to keep it on or take it off.

Send izzie my love and back at you babes

I'm doing ok apart from this chronic pain I'm in I was on 300mg slow release capsules now I'm on 150mg I'm at the doctors Tuesday anyway see what they does say from what I've read painfully limbs and muscles but will get back to you when I've seen doc

Take care lovely to hear from you

Love Nat xxx

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