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I tell my loved ones I feel sick. Not because I have a cold, or a stomach ache but because I feel sad. I feel it constantly and deeply. I feel apathetic, self conscious and scared. They try to make me laugh, but even if I do, I don’t think it makes me happier. I feel the need to push through but I dont know which way to look, where to start, or how I feel about moving forward. I’ve lost myself and I all hope that I can be anything better that what I am now. I dont know who to turn to because I am misunderstood, and have been since my happier days. I just want light back in my life.

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Hi Kitmorsy

Welcome to our community

I'm so sorry you are feeling this way it's hard isn't it to feel as happy in the inside as you show on the outside

These are all symptoms of depression but I'm not a doctor unfortunately maybe trip to your doctor would be a good start if you haven't already been are you on any medication at all they help if your not on meds.

Depression is a battle on it's own for one person to go through but I find trying to put on a brave face for others is even harder and when people don't have depression or never had it at all don't seem to understand us they try but can't possibly unless they have been there themselves

We are here and we understand you let me know your progress



This got me ☹️ I tell people I don't feel well because it's easier than trying to explain why I'm so sad x

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