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i'm tired

hi! I'm new to this website

I'm always a positive person in front of everyone. My friend always think I'm the nicest person they have ever met. But deep inside I feel like everything is wrong with me. I can't enjoy anything in my life. I hate my boyfriend even though he is always being nice to me. I hate my family even if they always support me. I hate it that I can't speak English properly because it's not my first language. I don't have anyone to talk to about this. I'm always aware about how other people will see me. One time i stay in my bed room for almost all the time for 6 months because I'm just so tired for not being real. I sleep for 18 hours a day. Sometimes i feel like my head gonna explode because of all the emotion i've been keeping inside.

I've been through that phase when i was thinking about ending my life. But I gave my life a second chance and it felt great for the first 2 months. But after that the cycle begun again. I'm just really really tired.

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I'm sorry you feel like this, things will get better. Keep hope and faith 🙂

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Hi there Bon0

Welcome to our Community. :-)

Your post worries me. You really need to confide in your family and your Doctor, this isn't the way to live, you have excellent written English and I suspect it's social anxiety and possible depression but I am not a Doctor, so that is the route to take first.

Please let us know how it goes. I have listed resources for you to contact in the meantime.

Take care




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