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I am unsure

Hi I am new here, I just joined. I feel constantly sad and lonely. I am not very social as I am very awkward and find it hard to talk to people. I have friends but I am not close enough to talk to them about things like this or just feelings in general.

I feel like I let my family down as I have no social life, cannot interact and I am overweight. I feel like they are embarrassed to have me as a daughter as I am no longer sporty or social. Now I never have any motivation to do anything except lie on the floor and watch movies and eat (the only thing that distracts me from my sadness). Even when I do things that are supposed to make me happy for example having a birthday movie day or getting good results back on my exams I still feel slightly empty or nervous and sad.

I cold talk to my mum as she had post natal depression (mental health kinda runs in my mums side of the family) she is like the only person I can talk about my feelings too but I feel it is hard to explain and I am also scared that I am just lazy and melodramatic.

Last year I phoned to look an appointment with my GP but then got scared for the reasons above and cancelled it the next day.

It would be really nice if someone could help.

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you probably are lazy and melodramatic, but I get it. Actually looking for something to do is boring, and being bored is boring, so you'd rather do things that make you feel good, like an escape, like a good movie or eating good food. But I say, just eat less, and watch more movies. Find a shitty hobby, get a shitty job. Do something to distract you from the infinite abyss of sadness that is isolation.

Become beautiful in your own eyes.


I know this comment is 4 months late but I might be able to help you if you see this. Here is what I recommend. exercise. I know it can be so hard to get out of bed or get off the floor to do stuff. it's so much easier to stay where you are.

exercise (outdoor exercise) clears the head and just makes you feel better. go for a walk or a hike look at nature for a bit. sit down and enjoy the sunshine/ just be.

you are not a failure. your family loves you. remember that.


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