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I don't know what to do

I just turned 17 about a week ago

I said to myself .. 17 and no job ( i wanted to earn some money but i didnt really care about going outside, im still at school but u can do 50 hours or so when u r under 18) no life no intrest

i am a gamer so i spend alot of time gaming ( 14 if not more hours a day)

i really want to do something like exercise or idk just something

i dont know what .. im getting bored of everythting

i dont feel depressed i guess, its just i accomplished nothing so far

i do excercise everyday but only for 30 minutes because i dont want to get out of shape since its vacation and im not active. im not fat xD im 53 kgs and 177 cm

but the thing is .. i don't know what to do to feel 'un-empty' ?

( english is not my first language so sry for bad english )

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I am like that. constantly on the look out for something to do but easily bored at the same time. recently I have struggled to find something to do whilst I'm on my own cause in my previous relationship I was never alone as we spend literally 24/7 together. I am 18 now and a play practioner at a preschool. But before I was in college then on a Saturday I would work at a coffee shop in my local town.

It took me a whole 5 months to get my job. I was constantly on the hunt for a job because I was determined to make my way into the working world somehow. I would suggest maybe looking into a job. When you start work and you have work related friends everything changes because you have a new friendship zone to explore. you will see these people and work along with them and grow a friendship. who knows maybe they will have something in common with you and you click with them. I met my best friend at my old work and she invited me to a new years eve party and I met lots of new people. I know you aren't keen to look for one but that extra bit of pocket money can turn your whole life around sometimes believe it or not.

hope this helps

keep me posted


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