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Am i turning out like my mother

My mother is mentally ill and compulsively accuses my father of indecent things, is always paranoid, and thinks theres always things about, i feel like she does it for attention but then to what degree and is that still a mental issue?

I see myself alot in her and it terrifies me to the bone, i was living away at uni and have had to come home, but being here i am finding it so hard to deal with her issues and getting wrapped up in my own.

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Try to be more understanding of your mothers issues. I don't think it is for attention. There are many challenges in our world today because there are negative forces at work here. You are not your Mother. Someday you will be completely on your own. In the meantime, love and care for yourself. You can only change YOU. Peace


Mental illness is genetic and the best thing you can do for yourself is get treatment for yourself at ur nearest Mental Health ASAP!! Don't wait for things to get worse stop them now! You will recover faster.


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