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Hi, 25 year old female. I'm new here and Currently suffering with major depression and self-harm. I'm currently taking 100mg sertraline. I have an appointment to review this with my G.P. tomorrow afternoon. I have been on this for a few weeks now and I am feeling little to no benefit from it at all. I lack energy, have trouble sleeping, repetitive nightmares, major anxiety issues, panic attacks and general low mood. I have little to no support from family members at all and only one very close friend who is willing to help, but I don't want to burden her too much. Do you think I may need to consider changing my medication?

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  • Maybe you could discuss this with your doctor. As long as you're doing your best to handle your problems, you shouldn't feel like a burden to your friend. She should be there for you.

  • Many thanks for your reply. 

  • You're welcome.

  • Sammy .... You are not alone. We all feel like this at some point... Some of us more than others. I found Maytree a huge comfort. Eric was my saviour there when I called. I found MIND sadly very unhelpful when I contacted them, which was I hope, a huge exception to the rule. I even got a fairly unsympathetic reply from jo@ Samaritans . This can really be a gut punch. I don't think you can really know til you get there how bad depression can feel. I guess these were well meaning, but happy people. Talking can help, but everyone is busy. I know the feeling of being a burden to friends. That's a tough feeling. Your GP will undoubtedly be overworked. Two weeks waiting for an appointment as we speak. People fiddling with your medication who have only academic knowledge is often terribly hard. But what I do know is that the medication can take a week or two to start helping and persevering is essential. Changing my meds from Prozac to lamotrigine nearly finished me off. Cetraline is similar to Prozac and so you are on the right path...but personally I think Prozac should be in the water supply. Persevere, and it sounds silly but watching comedy really helps me. And whatever your beliefs, I'm an atheist, but churchgoers find it a lot of help if you can overlook the god stuff. It's the community within. Ruby Wax books are very helpful. She's been there and back and again, funny and informed empathy is such a support. I really feel for you. Stay safe. Lizzie

  • Medication can take a while to kick in so I would give it a little bit longer. Also I'm sure your doctor told you it normally gets worse before it gets better.

    I have had depression for many years but only just started talking to somebody about my long list of issues that I have. I am also on medication but feel that without talking through my problems it only really fixes half of the problem. Maybe psychiatry is something you should consider? Especially if you are struggling to find the support from loved ones.

    I wish you all the best and just know that you are never alone. There's always places you can go and people you can call to get a bit of support.

    Best of luck x

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