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Knee pain

I was hoping someone can help me as the doctors have no idea why I am having knee pain.

I am 20 year old and have had horrible knee pain since I was about 13ish. I have trouble sitting down and coming up from sitting down. It's the same with stairs and basically anything to do with bending my right knee hurt badly. Sometime to the point where I don't want to even move it.

It tend to become weak and wobble about a bit and cracks when bent deeply.

Please help me, I don't want this pain at this age because it's stopping me for enjoying myself.

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I'm no doctor, but maybe you have patella tendonitis. The patella is the muscle right below the kneecap and tendonitis means inflamation. This happens when you overuse your joints. If you do have this condition then don't worry because it is a fairly common injury that is treatable. I have this and see a trainer 2-3 times a week. I'm 23 by the way.


I can't believe you haven't been to the doctor! There are lots of causes - i've had knee pain since I was in my early twenties. it only hurt if I ran or did hill-walking then but it has got worse and worse as I have got older.

an x-ray will show up any arthritis. a MRI anything else. You may just have some worn cartilage or any number of easily treatable things.

As you have had it since 13 yrs there may be a physical joint issue which can be rectified with surgery. but you won't know until you go and see the doctor who will refer you to a knee specialist.

Doctors .... book appointment! :)


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