Antidepressant medication

Hi, first post and all that, just looking for some advice and opinions with my antidepressant medication.

I've had issues with depression and other mental health issues most of my life but it's only been the past couple of years I've started to talk about it and work on dealing with it with my GP.

My GP started me on citalopram, which didn't affect me at all.. after a couple of months he upped the dosage and it didn't affect me at all, after a couple of months on the higher dosage we started to wind that down and then move on to Sertraline.. which is basically the same story, it didn't help at all, we upped the dosage, still didn't help so wound it down and started on Fluoxetine (Prozac) I've been on the Fluoxetine for roughly 6 weeks so far and so far it seems the same story as the last two SSRI's I've used, they've done little to nothing to help.

I have an appointment with my GP again in a couple of weeks and although I've been reading about different medication, SNRI's like Venlafaxine and Duloxetine and some older antidepressant medication like the TCA's and was just wondering about other people's opinions of different antidepressant medication and any advice of what I can talk with my doctor about to see if we can find an antidepressant that actually helps me.


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  • hi wiv meds it try and see it can take a while to find the rite meds but also if there a reason why your feeling like this u need to resolve that cause meds alone will not make it all go away they just help u deal wiv thing a bit better so ask for talk therapy mayb cbt (cognive behaviour therapy) help to change thought patterns hope this helps a bit gud luck