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I feel like I might have depression!

So the best way to describe things from my view would be I'm the type of person that take things on and let's things build but I never talk about things so for me there is no release and of I don't get things off my chest it starts getting to the point where on a low day of someone asks me of I'm ok I can't answer them because when I try to there is no emotion there I can't pick one out because I no longer no if I'm ok,happy,sad,angry I'm just empty it like I'm a shell and I'm looking down on myself and I'm a robot so basically if anyone had similar experiences or advise please tell me!

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Hi there

I have been experiencing similar kind of feelings so I think I know a little about what you are going through. For sure, you are not alone! I don't really know how to advise you because I have been in a bit of limbo situation which is just beginning to resolve at the same time my thyroid medication has been increased and that has helped me tremendously so I am beginning to feel as if I can be in control of my life again.

I think the important thing for you to do is to accept that how you are feeling is happening for a reason, try not to blame yourself in any way and try to talk to someone about what is going on. I found it really beneficial to go to counselling which my GP arranged. Talking to someone who wasn't judging me and understood where i was coming from was great. Sometimes it is just too deep for friends or family to understand. Also, it is very easy for GP's to focus on the emotion you are exhibiting when you go to see them and prescribe anti-depressants. The thing I think they fail to realise is that you are bound to be emotional when you feel that you are not in control of you life. Bear in mind that depression can also be caused by nutritional/hormonal/enzyme shortfalls or imbalances that should be checked for before assuming that you are just reacting to life situations.

if you want to PM me to talk I'll help if I can.

All the best



i start writng diary to express my feelings and thoughts as much as i can ,is suggest you to write diary


I think to say that nutritional/hormonal/enzyme shortfalls should be checked is misleading.

Whilst there is some research attributed to it which indicates that nutrition does play a part in helping those with depression it must be made perfectly clear it has *some* part to play. We are talking a minute amount and it plays a tiny part in the treatment plan of a patient.

GP's are perfectly clear that emotion has only a small part to play and to say that a GP will only see the emotion that the patient displays is completely inaccurate and dumbing down their abilities.

GP's are very good at seeing outside of what you are feeling and will ask about your life events, lifestyle, stresses, moods, emotions, diet, sleep, any existing medical conditions, etc, etc as well as do some preliminary checks such as BP, urine functions etc.

Go and see you doctor and talk to them.


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