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Does my partner have depression?

I'm worried that my partner has depression. We have been together for 5 years and living together for about 8 months. He has told me that he feels as though nothing makes him happy anymore and he feels like he doesn't like himself. Even the things that he used to enjoy like playing computer games doesn't make him feel any better. I think it is particularly isolating because he doesn't have any close friends. He goes to work, but rarely feels inclined to leave the house otherwise.

I want to help him and suggested he should talk to someone about it, but I think he is scared to. Is there anything I can do to help him if he won't seek medical advice? I have read that even simple things like taking exercise regularly can help... I want to be as supportive as I can but I am worried about doing the wrong thing or not doing enough. I would be really grateful for any advice or experiences that you might be able to share!

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Hi there, I feel pretty much the same way as your partner does. I have similar problems as him and I am very frightened to go to the doctors he may not be scared to discuss it but he maybe afraid of going to the doctors due to fear of judgement or following the stereotype of "men not getting depression" when that stereotype is completely wrong. He may just be struggling to talk about it or bring it up, but keep an eye on more serious signs and symptoms such as suicidal etc if so contact a doctor/ 999 straight away! but maybe question him about it? Or keep asking how he is feeling every so often and if you get similar blunt responses maybe encourage him too go or contact a depression help line and they can give you further information. I hope this helped! :-)

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Hi thanks so much for the response! I think you might be right about the doctors. Plus he comes from a family who are very much against 'bothering' the doctors with things like this - I'm not sure they have a big talking about things culture, whereas I've always grown up in an environment where I've always felt I could talk to someone when I felt upset or was dealing with difficult things. Do you feel like you have someone you can share your feelings with?

We talked about things a little this week, which makes me feel relieved. But I know that this is just the start and there are a lot of things we need to work on! Hopefully this is a positive step though :)


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