How do you talk to loved ones about it?

Hi, I'm 18 years old and only recently been diagnosed with depression. I still haven't talked to my parents about it and they have no idea that I am suffering. I want to talk to them about it but I am finding it extremely difficult, if anyone has any advice on how they told their loved ones I would be extremely grateful. I feel the sooner I open up about the subject the sooner it will be until I am finally on the road to recovery, thank you x

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  • Hi there, its all about your parents and their background. some can react sharply negative to it, some can be rather compassionate and supportive and some ignorant about it.

    to avoid any sort of backlash or disappointment, can you tell us bit more about your parents, what are they like, are they very alike in nature, different and if so, who out of the pair you trust the most to open up to?

  • Hey there....if your parents are anything like mine, they've probably already guessed that "something" is going on...even if they don't know to call it depression. I blurted it out to my Mom back when I was diagnosed and she told me that herself and Dad knew I was depressed but they didn't know how to talk to me about it, or how to help, or how to handle it. After that conversation, I've found myself being much more open with my Mom now about it, and when I'm having a very low time, I call her. Honestly, I've been surprised at how open and unassuming she is. I've even talked to her about my suicidal thoughts, and she just listens (and doesn't freak out like I thought she would).

    But not all parents are as open as mine. Talk to them about it when you feel up to doing it. It will be stressful. You will feel anxious. Writing down what you're going to say to them and bringing that piece of paper with you might help to keep your thoughts focussed.

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