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At a loss!

Im 19 and have been battling with depression since I was 15. I came to university in england from ireland in September and was the happiest I've ever been. The past 2 weeks I have felt myself going deeper and deeper back into depression. I've been up all night and sleeping all day, unable to get out of bed as I am scared what I'll do if im left alone. Being away from my parents is terrible, I've been ignoring them because I don't want them to worry or get anxious but dealing with this by myself is proving to be too much to handle. Id really appreciate it if anyone had any suggestions on the best action to take, thanks guys x

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Hi there,

Have you asked the your local National Union of Students for advice if they can direct you to get free counselling? Samaritans is always a good choice and they are impartial and free. Depression's underlying problem is long term stress and you may have issues or memories that are invoking that stress. if you decide to go for counselling then they can help you lessen their effects so that your stress can be manageable but being open and honest is key to get the right help from them. The initial contact you make with them takes courage but it's the right move forward. it's no magic bullet and it takes time and patience to practice ways to counter depression and practice is the key to coming out of the larger part of depression.

Always stay in touch with your parents maybe once a week, it will give you a sense of belonging that you have someone there to talk to, the odd conversation may even cheer you up. if you have a circle of friends then maybe you can engage in social activities with them. this is one way to divert your energy away from constantly thinking about things that are causing your depression into more productive ways that will help you come out of it. from my experience of coming out of it, is that it's a difficult balancing act. its easy to say stop thinking about it and move on so a steady recovery from depression over a long term duration is better than a sudden jump to a cheery me and followed by a sudden downturn.

see how you go and we're all here to help you.


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