Is it just low mood or depression?

For the last 4 months I have felt like I've been experiencing low mood but thought it would just go away. Unfortunately its only got worse and its got to the point where I'm secluding myself away from my family and friends; it seems that if i'm in their company I only cause an unwanted situation. As the months have gone by I've found I can barely sleep and if I do all I have is constant nightmares. As well as this I'm finding it harder and harder to eat things to the point if I do eat I have made myself sick which has resulted in multiple fainting episodes where I have been taken to hospital and told I may have moderate-severe depression/anorexia/bulemia; this isn't what I wanted to believe but am starting to think they were right. I'm crying everyday, I'm exhausted and extremely stressed; I am at uni and have lost someone I loved but my life has always been quite stressful so I don't see this as a contributing factor. I've got so low in mood that I'm seeing different sides to myself and I can barely handle any social situation without wanting to leave crying. I don't eat, I don't sleep and I can't talk to anyone as much as I've tried. I don't know what this is but I am wondering that if this is depression do i seek medical advice?

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  • Regardless of what it is you should seek medical advice.

    There are other conditions that cause symptoms similar to depression - B12 deficiency and thyroid problems, though I don't think the bulimia actually fits with either of these - but there could be something else going on.

    Whatever is happening it doesn't sound as if you are very resillient to stress.

    Is there a counselling service at the Uni that you could also refer yourself to?

  • Oh hun

    This is severe depression and you need help straight away. It sounds like you suffer from reactive depression with maybe an element of post traumatic stress disorder as you say you are stressed a lot of the time. University is a challenging environment, especially if you hide yourself away. there are help options - talk to your tutor!!! Please seek some company straight away and just TALK about anything and everything you need to get off your chest. And to start to heal properly, you will need to eat and stop purging your poor body. When your brain is poorly, the last thing you need is to have a sick body too. I know it is hard, but be kind to yourself. I really identify with your issues and believe me, you can get better, and quickly, promise

    Aclelady x

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