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Addiction to Xanax

Does anyone know of specialist groups who deal solely with prescription medication addiction? I am also addicted to Dihydrocodeine. When I talk to my GP he just sends me to Talking Therapies who do try to help.

Heroin addicts get methadone. What can a person like myself expect to be prescribed to help me off my habits? It's ruling my life and I feel like self-harming or worse as I feel so lonely with no chance of help. Thank you for reading.

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You could try addicted to prescription drugs in search bar of google and see what comes up.


Thank you for your response. I have tried this but nothing useful ever seems to come up. Thanks again.


Sorry I could not help maybe other people on here might be able to shed some light on this.


Hi - I posted the link below on another thread a couple of weeks back.

It is an old article but there are some useful numbers/websites shown that may be of some use for you, I actually thought the entire article made interesting reading.....



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