should i go or not

its been nearly 2 years since this whole thing has happen guess nothing had gotten any better just all the memory of what happen is coming back in little pieces. With the past 2 xmas party didn't really go to well the first 1 i kept on going outside for air and that one was me recently been off work this was back in 2011 then 2012 didn't go sure to me trying everything in not going from cutting myself

Just the whole social thing with everyone there it's abit too much for me just thinking about it. I'm looking forward to it but I'm just scared something might happen in result in me not going. What happens I do go then I come up with some excuse to leave ??? God dont know what to do should i mention it to the manager who knows the ins and outs of it to ask him

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just scared i'm going to have a panic attack


You know the worst thing is the time delay between accepting the invitation and the actual event, it gives your mind plenty of time to play over all sorts of scenarios (usually worst case) and as a result you become worked up.

The chances are everyone else is unaware of your mindset, they're just going along for a good time, looking forward to a relaxed evening and hoping everyone enjoys it for what it should be.

I wouldn't recommend speaking to your manager, you may be setting yourself up for disappointment; just because he/she may be aware of previous incidents it doesn't mean your wellbeing is top of his priority list or that he/she even remembers previous incidents.

I say this not to deflate you or belittle previous issues that you experienced, but you must realise that what is very probably a big issue for you is probably a non issue for most others.

The less you worry the better things will be....


Not quite the same but I'm currently umming and erring about whether or not to go to the office christmas party.

Couldn't go last year because I had a broken ankle and couldn't put any weight on it and was just completely house bound and moving round the house was more than I could manage. Don't think I went the year before because it was on my day off - great excuse that - huge sigh of relief! Can't remember the last time I went ... and the reality is that it isn't something that I enjoy - too noisy - don't think anyone really notices if you aren't there anyway.

Anyway - feel for you.


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