Wish I could stop shaking

I have essential tremor, so have a mild hand and head tremor, which doesn't really bother me, but at times I have this dreadful shaky feeling inside. Last night I mislaid something very important - about to have another look, but getting down on the floor makes my back pain intolerable. The depression is pretty bad, too. I have a pain clinic appointment for 22nd November.

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  • Hi, I can't say that I've any experience of this... I'm wondering if your taking any medication for the depression or pain because I know that some medications can give tremors as a side effect. I'm no doctor but I can tell that yours is quite a complex case and there are so many possibilities of what could be causing what... only an expert or perhaps several experts working together with a GP will be able to really tell you what is going on.

    I'm sorry you are also in pain... physical pain can be so tiring. I hope they can sort things out in november.

    I do think you should make an appointment with your GP to talk about the 'dreadful shaky feeling inside' there could be many reasons for that emotional, mental and physiological (about how your body works) and again some medications for physical things can change how you feel emotionally as a side effect...

    Keep talking to your GP and keep telling him all the things you notice and are concerned about, they really are there to help.

    it might be that the shaky feeling inside is a feeling of vulnerability because of your other health problems... sometimes our confidence is knocked by such things... it might be anxiety or a whole host of other things... best get an experts opinion... so start with your GP.

    take care :) K

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