Back - had my psychiatric appointment

I've really missed these forums while I've been struggling to log in. It's good to be back.

Having turned down psychiatric referrals for over 30 years, I had one last week! I was afraid she would want to make major changes to my medication etc. but she was lovely. I can stick with my tricyclic. For emergency use I can use diazepam, but she has also put me on pregabalin (Lyrica) both for anxiety and pain. I was supposed to be on it some time ago, but our PCT refused to pay for it and insisted that pain patients had gabapentin instead! At present the dose is too little to do much, but I double it on Wednesday. She's also put me on the waiting list for NHS CBT and i'm seeing her again in a fortnight. I gather that I'm very lucky - partly because of where I live and partly because I come under the Community Mental Health Team (Older People)!

I've had a lot of very nasty animal problems lately - one of my new baby hairless rats died on Sunday. I'm taking a break from showing and judge training. There were a lot of very nasty things said on a forum after a little mishap at my last show, which triggered a meltdown. Along with my pain it's hard at present, butI'm hoping that things will improve.

I must go into town now, but will probably write more later.

Thinking of you all.



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