Cotton buds , MRI scans and depression

Hello Lovely People

It's been a while since I either actively contributed to this group or asked for help. First of all I really hope that you are all having more good days than bad.

Unfortunately I have another health condition which flared up and resulted in four hours of excruciating pain, a trip to A&E and left me feeling exhausted and terrified. Thankfully the condition is now getting better. It will never be completely resolved.

Barcelona: my husband and I had a fab time celebrating our 25th in Barcelona. It's great, noisy city and most of the time the tinnitus didn't really trouble me. We used audio guides at Gaudi's buildings and I found that putting one head phone in my good ear really helped my bad ear which has the tinnitus.

Cotton buds: since coming back my tinnitus has got quite bad. It seems to have worsened since I used cotton buds in my ears and I wonder if cotton buds can make tinnitus worse?

MRI scan: on Friday I have an MRI scan and i'm terrified that this will make my

tinnitus worse?

Any help as always very much appreciated.


Luverly Lucie x

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  • Hi Luverly Lucie. Glad you enjoyed Barcelona. I've never been but my wife loves it there.

    Cotton Buds: I don't think they would have any effect on your tinnitus, assuming you used them sensibly and didn't push them in too far.

    MRI Scan: I'm having one on my head this afternoon. I have an acoustic neuroma and I have one every year. This will be the 4th on my head with another 3 on other bits of me. It is a noisy machine but you are given ear defenders to protect your ears and it's not too bad. I think some people use there own earplugs as well but I've never bothered. It's never affected my tinnitus. Don't worry about it.


  • Oh dear you really shouldn't put ANYTHING in your ears - like cotton-buds. If there's wax in the canal you could be pushing it towards the ear-drum and, therefore, not allowing the wax to make its way forward out of the ear. Blocking the ear canal will definitely make the T sound louder. Yesterday I thought I would have a Boots hearing test - but this wasn't possible because there was too much wax in the way to even see the ear drums, fortunately, we have an ear clinic (unfortunately Private) in Caterham and I was able to get the problem sorted by micro-suction (much better and more thorough than siphoning). Now I can get the hearing test which is a back up for hearing aids with masker supplied by the Tinnitus Clinic in London.

    As far as the MRI scan is concerned - I am very claustrophic and worried when I had to have a second one.....but it really wasn't anything like as bad as I had expected and didn't affect my quite intrusive T. We are so lucky to have these diagnostic devices - so go for it.....and be strong.

    Lastly don't forget that Tinnitus is a neurological problem between the ear and the brain usually - so cotton buds cannot touch it.

  • Hi Luverly Lucie,

    I have had an MRI Scan and my tinnitus was not affected. I`m sure you`ll be fine.

    Take care. Love Lynne xx

  • Just to clarify on the use of cotton buds I do agree with berry76 that they shouldn't be used to try and remove wax deep in the ear canal for the reasons he/she gave. If you think you have a wax build up in your ear get it checked out with your gp.

  • Just got back from my MRI scan with no Ill effects. Only issue I had was they offered to play some music through the earphones which when it came on was too loud and horribly distorted. They said they couldn't turn it down so I opted to turn it off. I've had music playing with scans at other hospitals and it's been fine.


  • Hi Lucie, I am new here. I have heard Barcelona is marvellous and I would love to go someday. I had an MRI and it is noisy but they do give you headphones. I found relaxation and visualisation really helped. I walked my way down to my favourite beach only to be disturbed by the technician calling to me....They thought I had stopped breathing!!!!! I have unilateral tinnitus and did find it flared a bit, but wasn't aware of it making it worse in the longterm. Went back to its usual bothersome self in no time.:)

  • I would not poke buds down your ears.

    Ears are so sensitive and best to use olive oil drops 2-3 times a week.

    Love glynis

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