Request to speak to people with tinnitus through loud music for online video about the condition

Hi. I am in the process of researching tinnitus gained through exposure to loud music for the purposes of making an online video looking at how people develop the condition, what factors are involved and how people cope now. Nic at the BTA suggested I post on this page.

I am looking to speak to people who acquired tinnitus through exposure to loud music. Ideally I would like to chat over Skype just for the sake of noise control for the microphone. Obviously I am looking to speak to as wide a range of people as is possible.

I developed tinnitus from when I was a bit over 14 years old through rock music. For me, rock music at a million decibels (or whatever the headphones would put out) became a matter of escapism and it continued that way for a while. Even now, despite having had tinnitus for over half of my entire life, it is hard work not to indulge. Why I had an emotional pull towards something that I knew was doing permanent damage has been a source of intrigue for a longtime, and I am keen to find out what experiences others have had.

Having done a couple of interviews about tinnitus I know talking about it can make one a bit apprehensive (I only told my mother about my tinnitus the day before I did an interview for STV), so I am perfectly happy to just audio, written stuff or simply talk of the record if anyone wants to do that.

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  • Can I just add that I talked to Christopher about this topic before he posted, and I encouraged him to do so, in case you need reassurance that this is all above board.

    Nic (BTA Communications Manager)

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