Tinnitus every day

👋 I wake up every morning with a sssssssssss sound. If anyone has any good tips in relieving the noise feel free to tell me your tequniques. I have tried meditation,listening to tinnitus tracks and occasionally I cover my ears with the palm of my hands and place my index fingers on my middle fingers and drill my index fingers onto the back of my neck 50 times

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  • HI Chavaune,

    If you haven't been referred to an ENT department yet for tests on your auditory system, I suggest having a word with your GP to make this possible. I have written an article on tinnitus that you might find helpful. If you would like to read it then please send me your email address by Private message. For now please click on the link below and read my post: New to tinnitus what to do.



  • Hi there Michael I would love to read your article. My email ischavaune@gmail.com thanks for the advice I will definitely be making an appointment with my gp shortly. Chavaune

  • HI Chavaune,

    I have sent my two articles to you by email.

  • HI Chavaune.

    Can you please check the "email address" that you have given me as I am being informed it is "unavailable".

    Please can you send your email address to me by "private messenger". Please do not post it in the forum.

    Thank you


  • Hi Chavaune,some times when i wake up in the morning my t is worse,i'm wondering if it is something to do with snoring.my wife tells me i snore a lot. Neil

  • Hi soul

    My T is really noticeable in the morning, maybe it is the snoring or maybe it's my body's way of saying "get ur ass out of bed" 🤣

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