Amplifon Hearing Aids

Does anyone have an experience with purchasing hearing aids through this company and of the after service provided?

I have just read an advert in today's Daily Mail which suggests they are particularly good for tinnitus sufferers and they offer a free trial and also a follow up service.

I know from my own experience good quality hearing aids with features tailored to mask tinnitus offer benefits over buck standard hearing aids. I also know they can come at quite a high cost and in the end that may be the deciding factor for this companies.

Thanks in anticipation.

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  • My hearing aids with masker are made by Siemens and were fitted by an audiologist at the Tinnitus clinic in London - at a cost of £4,500 which I could only afford after an inheritance! It would be good to know if there are cheaper alternatives but I have had these, trouble-free for three years now and they are a comfort.

  • My Nhs hearing aids are perfectly adequate, discreet and free.

  • I have NHS hearing aids with tinnitus masking feature, I would see if you could get NHS ones before going down the private route.

  • My NHS hearing aid and NHS maskers are great and have quietened tinnitus. Wouldn't be without them. Angela xx

  • Did an on line hearing test whilst waiting for a N.H.S. appointment. Next thing I knew they phoned up with an appointment for a hearing test at their local shop. Very aggressive tactics, as I hadn't signed up to that. Personally wouldn't touch them with a barge pole. Very satisfied with my n.h.s. hearing aid.

  • Thanks for all your comments I will take them on board.

  • if your in the UK...........go to your GP and get an appointment with audiology can buy them and they will be cheaper

  • Hello SHAZZZZ

    Are you saying I could buy hearing aids of my choice through the NHS? The reason I question is I cannot find any reference to this service on relevant NHS websites.


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