Hangovers don't help

After a relatively quiet T day yesterday. I did 3 things wrong:

1. I didn't drink enough during the day or evening

2. I drank more than one cup of coffee during the day

3. I drank too much alcohol

The result is that I slept badly, I have a hangover and my ears are ringing loud and proud today. Paradoxically I had red wine on Thursday, slept well, had my usual one cup of coffee and plenty of weak teas during the day and the T was very much in the background.

On the plus side I finally have the first of two appointments with the audiologist on Tuesday. I'm not expecting a miracle cure but at least it's a start.

As for the rest of the day, I'm donning my wellingtons as I'm in the local May Festival parade - my amdram group are doing Singing in the Rain. My ears would make a fine accompaniment - ringing in the rain. Hopefully, it'll settle down.

Love Luverly Lucie xx

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  • Hope you have a good day. We do have to live as normally as we can, to that end I attended a music gig last night, fully protected my ears with titanium plugs, and my ears are buzzing for England today, payback time...

    Enjoy your May Day, I remember dancing round a maypole when I was young.

  • Hope have a lovely day too and that your tinnitus eases off over the weekend. I'm seeing The Pet Shop Boys in June and I've got special ear plugs but still worried about the after effects. LLx

  • Hi Lucie, whatever we do, our T will always try to get the better of us. But, I believe that a good night of sleep makes it behave. I hope that your amdram show is a good distraction and it goes well - don't we all love the film! Love, Angela xx

  • Hi Angela. Thanks. Hope you have a lovely bank holiday weekend too and as T free as possible. LLxx

  • Glad you've got something to distract you at least Lucie. Hangovers are strange ones, I've had shockers with quiet T and mild ones with horrendous T - Bev x

  • Thank you.

  • Hope you enjoyed yr may day festival x good look with audiology x

  • Many thanks Gail. I had a lovely weekend and the T was at a low level. I had a hearing test yesterday - minor damage on my T ear - but they did a pressure test and after that the T got quite loud. I hope you had a lovely weekend too. Luverly Lucie x

  • Life sucks at the moment dont know which way to turn cant wait for my hearing aid and to see ent again re the amount of hearing loss i have in my left ear, not holding my hopes up to getting answers to my questions xx

  • Really sorry to hear that Gail and hope things improve. When you see the ent people you just have say how much this is affecting your life. Hope this helps. LLxx

  • Got my letter the other day it says cannot put you on the waiting list yet it is to long typical xx its as though they just dont care xx Feel as thought im going mad with it all xx sorry for the late reply only just got the mail saying you replied xx hope you have a good day windy and cold here xx

  • I didn't know this until I started working for the BTA but your hearing can be affected if you're not properly hydrated - the hair cells are more vulnerable to damage if the fluid levels in the ear are lower.

  • yes we all do this.............it will be the alcohol..........any stimulant really will make T louder that's for sure.............even exercise at the gym will make it loud

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