Appointment at ENT for 3.30, got there early which didn't help, got seen at 4.45 so was stressed, hate waiting! . "sorry for the wait" he said, which I except these days.... Asked what I was there for I assumed my doctor would have passed on information and said so but apparently he had no knowledge so this annoyed me especially after the waiting. . The worse thing was his attitude saying to me that 1 hour & 15 minutes was almost a good thing because he is usually running 2 hours behind. I know sometimes this can't be helped but told him he needn't be so cocky about it, he inturn and said sorry that it wasn't meant that way, told him it's the way he came across and I have major respect for all doctors but not attitudes professional or not...... Still things are on the move now!

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  • Hey Foxy nice that things are on the move for you ..

  • Thank you.....

  • Hi Foxy,

    I hope you came away feeling that you had a worthwhile appointment and happy you went and got positive support with your tinnitus.

    Love glynis

  • funny how e.n.t docs and audiologists seem to have an atitude??????? i went to edinburgh and they see, to be that same and ive heard stories from other people too what is it with these people??????????????? give them tinnitus for a few days and then they will be qualified and maybe understand how bad it really is!!!!!!!

  • It was as though I had no right to say anything about my wait because of his (importance) I was the last person in the waiting room and to be seen, i think he just wanted to wrap up and get home! He apparently had no information why I was there, then again possibly wanted to hear what my intake was on it. I felt uncomfortable because his chair and mine was so close I may as well sat on his lap..... There is a space we all need when speaking, maybe it's because some people can't hear unless up that close, but saying that he knew from the hearing test I only had mild hearing loss! He was going to send me away until I mentioned the vertigo ect that i assumed he would have been informed about. I am now awaiting an appointment for a balance test and brain scan!

  • seems typical E.N.T. atitude foxy although my audio. in glasgow is very good his predecessor was really outstanding, sadly he died! but my exp with E.N.T. edinburgh was similar also my app. with E.N.T. surgeon amnd 2 E.N..T. docs i met, they had hardly a clue about T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hi foxy333, it seems we all have been made to feel a nuisance and insignificant by Ent consultants- and I paid privately as I could not wait for 3 months. I believe it is only Ent consultants, as over the years my family - parents included- have either paid or seen NHS consultants for other urgent health problems, and I have to say that they were small caring and first class. It seems Ent don't really want to be there!

    Wishing you all the best. Persistence is what is needed. The NHS audiologist was and is excellent in helping me. Love, Angela xx

  • Thank you, Angela, wishing you all the best too x

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