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Tinnitus and pregnancy

Hi has anyone got any experience of having pre- existing tinnitus and becoming pregnant? I am hoping to start a family soon and have my first child but my tinnitus is unfortunately holding me back. im worried about any impact pregnancy will have on my ears and tinnitus and all the possibilities of things that could happen during birth i.e operations, medications, high blood pressure ect. Ive read stories of people who's tinnitus has become worse from pregnancy or has started in the first place from pregnancy and im scared of any impact it may have! I dont want it to hold me back from things in life i want to do. Any stories wecome :) Thanks

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Hi fiona,

Due to the hormone change during pregnancy it can spike tinnitus for some people or cause it but you can be fine also.

However if you have already got tinnitus you can plan ahead and see audiology to get white noise generators or duel purpose hearing aids and relaxing music on hand and maybe a nice water birth.

You have the advantage of already having tinnitus and understand about the emotional side of it so that will help you understand the ups and downs of it but will be all worth it for a little bundle of joy..

I think the BTA have info on pregnancy and tinnitus to download im sure Nic Wray can put the link up...lots of love glynis


Hi glynis thank you very much for your advice and reassurance! I will definately have a look on the BTA website for the info on pregnancy also :) xx


Hi Fiona! My tinnitus started two years ago when my eldest had just turned 3. I suffered really badly and thought I would never be able to have another child as like you I worried so much it would get worse. As time went on and I begun to cope with my tinnitus we decided we really wanted another child. I was really scared about what would happen but there was absolutely no change what so ever in my tinnitus. I'd say I noticed it even less because my mind was completely focused on my baby! I had my daughter in a birthing pool and sucked on gas and air for over an hour which had no affect either. I was also worried about the pressure when pushing but this also didn't affect my tinnitus. Since she's been born I haven't noticed any significant differences - I have good days and bad but I had these before too.

I would say go for it - you cannot let tinnitus stop you from having a family. Don't give it that power! Good luck 😊 Xx


Hi kerry thank you so much for your reply and reassurance! That's great to hear everything was fine and your tinnitus was not effected! It gives me so much confidence knowing everything was fine, you're right i shouldn't let the tinnitus stop me or hold me back! :) xx

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